A 1-page booklet on the 3 Minute Game

… and the shortest possible explanation of the quadrants.

Download 3 Minute Game, Letter Size (8 1/2 x 11, for US)

Download 3 Minute Game, A4 size Europe, Australia, UK, just about anywhere except the US, apparently)

To print: Set your printer at 100%. (Your printer’s default is often 96%). This makes the folds come out right.

To fold: www.youtube.com/watch?v=21qi9ZcQVto

(Video on playing the 3 Minute Game is here: http://bettymartin.org/how-to-play-the-3-minute-game/)

Diagram of The Wheel of Consent

To print: 100% is best, but not necessary. This PDF includes some color, but is also fine in B&W.

Download Letter Size

Download A4 size


Download Cirkel van Overeenkomst

Download Het 3 Minutenspel


Download La Roue du Consentement


Download Samtyckeshjulet


Download Letter size Juego de 3 Minutos

Download A4 size Juego de 3 Minutos

Download Letter size La Rueda de Consentimiento

Download A4 size La Rueda de Consentimiento


Download Das 3 Minuten Spiel

Download Das Konsens Rad




Download A Roda do Consentimento


All these items are copyrighted, and you are welcome to share them, with Betty Martin’s name on them.

Have fun playing!




























Here you can order a canvas printout of the Wheel in 120 cm x 80 cm.
For order details please send us an email