As an organization, we’re just getting started. We have many students and, as you can see, several new trainings happening this year. 

Certified Wheel of Consent Workshop Facilitators

These are people who have trained (or are currently in training) to facilitate workshops on the Wheel of Consent. We recommend them whole-heartedly!

Betty Martin, Seattle, WA, United States
I have taught peer counseling, gender liberation, embodiment and empowerment, fantasy play, goddess awakening and erotic massage. I have played with contact improv dance, Authentic Movement, Non-Violent Communication and Shaivic tantra. I am a Board member and train and certify new facilitators for a touch and communication workshop called Cuddle Party.

Robyn Dalzen, Worldwide
I worked for 15 years in the nonprofit environmental sector teaching leadership and empowerment. I am a certified Transformational Leadership Coach, a TRE practitioner and a pleasure revolutionary. I am an international facilitator for Wheel of Consent workshops for individuals & couples, practitioners and businesses, at festivals, cuddle parties and play parties.

Matthias Schwenteck, Worldwide
I have been on the Tantric path for 20 years. I am traveling and teaching since 2010 as an international workshop facilitator for Awaken the Sacred Body, Cuddle Party & Play Party facilitator,  TRE practitioner for groups, workshops and festivals, former ISTA faculty, international facilitator for Wheel of Consent workshops for individuals & couples, practitioners and businesses.

 Lorenzo Stiernquist, Stockholm, Sweden
I am offering coaching, massage, trainings and workshops to support people for over 12 years as a Tantra teacher, Sexsibility coach and founder of the Sexsibility Coach Training and the Sexsibility Festival. The Wheel of Consent became a life-changing experience for me in 2013. I am passionate about exploring, teaching it and spreading this groundbreaking knowledge in sessions, trainings and events.

River Roaring, Austin, TX United States (Facilitator in training)
I am a certified surrogate partner, a coach for Conscious Uncoupling and healthy sex and intimacy. I am a former family law attorney, social justice lobbyist and community organizer with my own law office by the courthouse for over 20 years. I co-organize the Sacred Sexuality Austin meetup, founded the Surrogate Partner Salon for therapists and coaches, and created and host The Juicy Truth podcast.

Marielle Spronck, Utrecht, Netherlands
I believe in creating a world in which people feel empowered, at ease, awake, loved and in alignment. A world in which we all can live authentically and care for ourselves, others and the earth with integrity. I love to play with people to bring more awareness, exploration, experience and skills to topics like touch, intimacy, boundaries, desires, communication, honesty and authenticity.

Michael Dresser, Scotland and London
I have a background in coaching and Certified Sexological Bodywork, i provide safe, gentle, and engaging environments. Choice and the needs of the individual are at the centre of each learning experience I facilitate, whether in a group, a partnership, or with an individual. Based near the Scottish Highlands, I offer workshops throughout the UK, and one-to-one coaching in Scotland and London.

Rupert James Alison, Oxford, United Kingdom
I love to create spaces for healing, play and self-awareness, through touch, intimacy, and human connection. I have trained extensively in western tantra, conscious kink, and contemporary consent teachings, and have been space-holding for groups since 1992.  Inclusivity and choice are central to all my work.  I’m a certified practitioner of Urban Tantra and a qualified teacher at the School of Being, and am based in Oxford, UK.

Katie Spataro, CSB,   Seattle, WA (Facilitator in training)
Katie is a somatic sex educator, certified sexological bodyworker, doula and holistic pelvic care practitioner. She holds the belief that sexual health, erotic education and reproductive choices are basic human rights. Her practice utilizes ritual, touch, breath and movement to tap into the wisdom of our bodies to support our personal and collective healing.

Sofia Kreissl, Stockholm, Sweden (Facilitator in training)
I offer experimental and embodying sessions that guide you on a path of relaxation and joy. Whether you come for a Sensual Massage or a Sexological Bodywork session the Wheel of Consent is a foundation in my work. I’m a Certified Sexological Bodyworker (CSB), massage therapist and Cuddle Party facilitator.

Romaine Kohler, Fribourg, Switzerland (Facilitator in training)
As a certified sexological bodyworker, I help people develop a sex life they’re happier with, in individual sessions and workshops. I support them to create a strong connection with their body, be more empowered and let their full erotic potential blossom. Together we practice tools to better listen to our needs, boundaries and desires, so that our relationships can become more authentic and joyful.

Nynke Feenstra, the Netherlands, worldwide
My work and passion is to create and hold a space for healing, self-exploration and empowerment. Together with my partner I facilitate Wheel of Consent workshops for individuals and couples. As a bodyworker, I offer sexual healing and empowerment sessions for women based on the Wheel of Consent. Contact: [email protected]

Nellie Wilson, MA, Northampton, MA (Facilitator in training)
I am a professional Cuddlist, certified Cuddle Party Facilitator, and run local peer support groups for women with chronic illnesses. I am passionate about supporting people of all genders, races, sizes, abilities, and sexual orientations in exploring the power of practicing active consent and having nurturing touch in their lives.

Kassandra Brown, Boulder, CO (Facilitator in training)
I have been facilitating workshops and classes for 18+ years and group cuddling events since January 2017. My background includes being a certified cuddler by, a parenting coach, a yoga and meditation teacher, and a chemical engineer. The Wheel of Consent is one of my favorite tools to create sustainable human presence on this Earth via nurturing one on one and community relationships. Read more about my approach to touch at

Madelon Guinazzo, Chicago, IL (Facilitator in training)
I am a Co-Founder of, and creator of the certification program for the premier professional cuddling resources. I offer workshops on facilitation, consent, self awareness and self-empowerment. I work regularly as a communication consultant and instructor for medical students and healthcare practitioners and practice as a Cuddlist Practitioner. I encourage individuals to live increasingly satisfying lives by claiming their inner authority and voice.