Like a Pro

The Wheel of Consent for Practitioners

5 Day Course, 10 – 6 each day

You have seen the Wheel of Consent.
How does it apply to your sessions with clients?

Like a Pro is offered to hands-on practitioners. We welcome bodyworkers, therapists and physicians, especially those working with sexuality and sensuality: tantra practitioners, massage therapists, sexological bodyworkers, sex workers, and surrogate partners. We also welcome non-touch practitioners such as psychotherapists, counselors, and coaches.

The course is experiential.

We guide you through somatic activities in which you experience each of the four Quadrants of the Wheel of Consent. Your experience then becomes the foundation for understanding the Wheel and using it in your sessions. (Also expect it to affect your personal life.)

Then we apply each of the quadrants to your work with clients, outlining the principles and discussing the themes and challenges of each quadrant. We practice assessment protocols that show you and your client what is easy for them and what is hard for them, so you know how to guide them in the most effective way. Then, since our forms of practice vary, we come back and you get to talk about your particular situation.

Develop skills for your sessions:
  • Containment: How to create a strong container for your clients so they feel safe enough to get into the work they are coming to you for
  • Assessment protocols: How to find out what your client is ready for and – more importantly – what they are not.
  • Healing: How to use the Quadrants to help your clients wake up aspects of themselves that have been hidden or afraid
  • Receiving and Giving: Understanding the difference and why that is crucial for both you and your clients and students.
  • The quality of your touch: How to bring both clarity and heart into your hands so that all your touch is helpful, rich and satisfying,
Learn to coach your clients:
    • To notice, value, trust and communicate their needs and desires, so they become empowered and joyful in their connections
    • To notice and be responsible for their boundaries so they recover ease and generosity
    • To gain confidence and authenticity in their touch
    • To learn they have a choice about how they are touched and how to exercise that choice
    • To access all four Quadrants of the Wheel of Consent so they can develop sensuality, ease, generosity, self-responsibility, freedom and integrity.
  • Dr. Betty Martin, developer of the Wheel of Consent, former Chiropractor and Sacred Intimate
  • Robyn Dalzen, co-founder of the School of Consent, former Leadership Development trainer for international organizations
  • Matt Schwenteck, co-founder of the School of Consent, long-time sexual empowerment coach and bodyworker
  • Along with assistants drawn from advanced Wheel of Consent students
How much?

Cost varies somewhat by location.
General fees: 1300 to 1500 USD
Work-study options sometimes available, returning students half price.
Cost includes materials and snacks. Bring lunch.

When and where?

Lisbon, Portugal – Jan 16-20, with Betty, Matt and Robyn (Class is full.)

Antwerp, Belgium – Feb 9-13, with Betty, Matt and Robyn (Class is full.)

Seattle WA, USA – April 3-7, with Betty (Class is full.)

Vienna, Austria – April 24-28, with Betty, Matt and Robyn (Class is full.)

Manchester UK – May 18-22, with Betty, Matt and Robyn (Class is full.)

Prague, Czech Republic – June 5-9, with Matt and Robyn

Bay Area, California – June 17-22, with Betty and Marcia Baczynski – special extended 6 day training.

To be confirmed – registration opens soon:

Manchester, UK – July 3-7, with Matt and Robyn

Seattle WA, USA – September 4-8, with Betty

Austin TX, USA – September 14-18, with Betty

Australia and New Zealand – October – November, TBD, with Betty

Antwerp, Belgium – October 23-27, with Matt and Robyn

Berlin, Germany – November 6-10, with Matt and Robyn

Basel, Switzerland – November 16-20, with Matt and Robyn