Recommended Wheel of Consent Practitioners

These are a few of the coaches and practitioners who have trained with us. More soon!

Seattle, WA, United States:  Betty Martin
Help for women, men and couples find the relaxed, confident, joyful sensuality that is their nature.


Worldwide:  Robyn Dalzen
Empowerment on your life journey, remembering who you are, as your true, authentic expression.


Worldwide:   Matthias Schwenteck
Guidance for individuals and couples who wish to journey into their deepest core of being.


Stockholm, Sweden:  Lorenzo Stiernquist
Support for people to feel more alive, enjoy pleasure and to experience life at a deeper level.


Austin, TX United States:   River Roaring
There are many paths to enlightenment. Sexual energy just happens to be a fast track. Consider investing in the liberation of your full potential!


San Rafael, CA United States:  Carmen De Jesus
Imagines a future where we can all ask for what we want without shame and share as many pleasures and joys as we can allow.


Dawlish, United Kingdom:  Kian de la Cour
To enjoy a sensual life of touch and pleasure within boundaries and desires, to voice them with confidence and with kindness toward self and others.


Dawlish, United Kingdom:  Katie Sarra
Embodiment is the increased capacity to feel the tender longings of the heart and body connected with the mind.