You’ve take Like a Pro. Would you like to deepen your experience of the Quadrants
and help your clients do the same?

Welcome to the Wheel of Consent
Practitioner Intensive

The Wheel of Consent® Intensive for Practitioners is a 6-month in-depth training available to Like a Pro graduates, pending an application and interview process.

The big things that make this training different than others are: 1) an emphasis on the Wheel of Consent and deepening your experience of it, and 2) a strong emphasis on personal development. This is about you, deepening and developing your emotional and erotic fluency, and that makes you a much more effective practitioner.

Rather than focusing on bodywork, this course is about taking your clients through every Quadrant of the Wheel. While it is useful for bodyworkers, it is especially suitable for Sacred Intimates, surrogate partners, somatic coaches, sex workers, cuddle professionals, erotic educators and the like.

Instructors are Betty Martin, Robyn Dalzen and Matt Schwenteck, assisted by several previous years’ graduates.

What it entails:

  • Online resources, reading, and discussions
  • Three in-person modules of 6 days each, in a residential setting, about 3 months apart
  • Monthly video calls, and weekly peer coaching and practice sessions
  • Expect to spend a couple of hours a week on homework.

Five threads run through each module:

  • Personal Development: This includes emotional and erotic fluency.
    • Emotional fluency introduces a variety of approaches, including peer counseling, Brad Blanton’s work Radical Honesty, and Eugene Gendlin’s work Focusing. The idea is to get us imminently comfortable with our feelings and fluent in them so that we can guide and hold others’ feelings as they arise.
    • Erotic fluency introduces a variety of group erotic experiences, such as erotic massage ritual, self-pleasuring ritual, 3-circles ritual and others. Like emotional fluency, this is to get us imminently comfortable with our erotic selves and fluent in group dynamics.
  • Embodying the Wheel: Taking us ever deeper into experiencing each of the Quadrants. Again, getting very comfortable in each Quadrant. If that ‘Personal Development’ section didn’t get you, this one will!
  • The Theory of the Wheel: Fleshing out the theory – how it works, and what’s what, including some neuroscience.
  • The Practice of the Wheel: How to teach the experiences to your clients, including assessments, boundaries, legal issues, and a couple of models of coaching, including somatic coaching. You will also be coaching each other for part of the course.
  • Teaching the Wheel: How to facilitate groups and teach the Wheel, including practicing with us! This training includes all the the material and coursework for the Wheel of Consent® Workshop Facilitator Certification Program.

What you get for this:

  • Permanent access to all course materials
  • Attendance at 3 in-person residential modules
  • Permanent access to all online discussions, which can continue long after the course.
  • All the material and coursework for the Wheel of Consent Workshop Facilitator Certification Program.
  • (Pending Facilitator Certification) You are welcome to offer the Wheel of Consent® Workshop and advertise your events on the School of Consent calendar.
  • After the course, you are invited to participate in ongoing monthly supervision calls with Betty, Matt & Robyn.

Dates and Location:

North America: (Dates to be confirmed with the venues)

  • July 15-20, 2019 – Seattle
  • September 23-28, 2019 – Bay Area
  • January 6-11, 2020 – Seattle

Europe: (Dates to be confirmed with the venues)

  • October 7-12, 2019 – Netherlands
  • December 9-14, 2019 – Mediterranean somewhere!
  • March 23-28, 2020 – UK


  • $5500 US – $500 deposit holds your space
  • Plus food and lodging, which is paid separately and varies by the venue (~$500/person/module – double occupancy)
  • Subscription to the School of Consent Community ($27/mo or $300/yr) – IF you wish to be listed on the School of Consent Website as a Certified Facilitator and participate in ongoing monthly Certified Facilitator group supervision calls.

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