Our work with individuals …

…is for people who have an interest in personal development, are committed to a healthy mind/body connection and want to learn to be in their body, and are curious about expanding their erotic potential, intimacy and connection.

The Wheel of Consent is a foundational tool for all human relating – between friends, family, colleagues and intimate partners.

Check out our offerings for individuals and find the option that fits your needs and desires:

  • Sessions & Coaching – schedule a one-on-one empowerment session to explore making choices for your own pleasure, asking for what you want and receiving; sessions are based on the Wheel of Consent
  • Wheel of Consent Workshop – A 2 to 3-day workshop for the general public to learn the basics of the Wheel of Consent
  • A Lover’s Touch Workshop – A 3-day workshop on applying the Wheel of Consent to intimate relating and creating relationship agreements that are based on sensuality, sovereignty, integrity, respect, choice, trust and goodwill


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