Like a Pro is a five-day course on the Wheel of Consent® for practitioners.

It is offered to practitioners working with topics of consent, boundaries, relational intimacy, body sovereignty, trauma recovery, sexuality and communication, especially those with touch-based practices such as massage therapists, Tantra practitioners, sexological bodyworkers, sacred sexuality guides, surrogate partners, sex workers and other touch providers. Professionals such as psychotherapists, physicians, counselors, educators and coaches also gain great insight and skills from this training.

This class is experience based, with a series of somatic experiences in which you experience each of the four quadrants of the Wheel, which then allows you to apply the principles to your client sessions and offer it as a practice for your clients to take home. (Also expect it to affect your personal life.)

You will learn to coach your clients:

  • To notice, value, trust and communicate their needs and desires
  • To notice and be responsible for their boundaries
  • A simple touch practice/game to take home
  • To identify the tendency to go along with what is being done and how to reverse it
  • How to listen for ‘the pull’ instead of ‘the push’ when choosing to engage with another
  • To distinguish between requests, offers and invitations to create clear agreements
  • When touching: to gain confidence in their ability to touch and distinguish between touching for the other person’s pleasure and touching for their own pleasure
  • When being touched: noticing they have a choice about how they are being touched and how to choose how they want to be touched

If you are a touch practitioner, you will also improve the quality of your touch, bringing both clarity and heart into your hands, and pass this on to your clients.

Cost: The cost varies a little, between $1300 and $1500, by where it is and who is teaching, with a modest discount for work-study, and some scholarships available for those working with disadvantaged populations. You can see that on the individual event pages.

Faculty: Like a Pro is taught by Betty Martin or Robyn Dalzen, assisted or co-taught by a few select people who are in training to teach the course.

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