What is the School of Consent?

The School of Consent is a training organization promoting the values and skills of the Wheel of Consent®, as developed by Dr. Betty Martin. We offer courses, events, coaching and consulting for professionals, individuals, and businesses.

What is the Wheel of Consent®?

The Wheel of Consent® (also referred to as ‘the Wheel’ or the ‘WoC’) is a model of consent based on, but not requiring, exchanges of touch. The Wheel notes the distinction between the ‘doing’ aspect of the touch dynamic — who is doing — and the ‘gift’ aspect — who it is for.

Once the distinction between those two aspects is clear, the entire touch dynamic becomes clear, which brings ease, sensuality, confidence, self-responsibility and freedom to the interaction.

When the dynamics are clear, it becomes apparent how they apply to both touch and non-touch dynamics. Indeed, the application to non-touch dynamics may be of greater import.

Our Mission

Using the Wheel of Consent® as a framework, we are committed to teaching and promoting:

  • Clarity around Receiving and Giving – distinguishing between who is doing and who it is for
  • Creating clear agreements based on transparent communication
  • Awareness of sensation in the body
  • An expanded ability to Receive, respecting the limits of the Giver
  • An expanded ability to Give, and be generous and compassionate
  • Connection, compassion and intimacy
  • Skills of empowerment
  • Understanding and integrating the ‘shadow’ aspects of each of the Quadrants

…to create the world we want to live in, where people are connected to self, others and the earth.

Our Values

  • Integrity – acknowledging that there is, in fact, something we want, being able to ask for it and respecting the boundaries of the giver
  • Generosity – being able to give with a full heart, without the need to get anything in exchange; setting aside what we want to allow another to find what they want
  • Gratitude – feeling the joy of gratitude for the gift that has been given
  • Surrender – experiencing ourselves as a gift and trusting ourselves to stay within the limits of our boundaries